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How We Can Help

How We Can Help

Chiropractors, sports trainers and physicians often refer individuals to us for treatment. The referral may follow an injury or may relate to lack of mobility or pain management. Others come to us after hearing testimonials from their friends, neighbors or family members. Below are some, but not all, of the issues we treat with our therapies.


Jumper's Knee

Massage therapy helps relax thigh and calf muscles and helps improve blood flow to promote healing. Stretching and assisted strengthening techniques can be used to strengthen the quadriceps and enable maximize recovery.

Muscle Spasm

Massage can be the best, fastest and most natural way to provide relaxation and relief for muscle spasm. Used in conjunction with drug therapy, massage can help alleviate the symptoms of muscle spasm faster and more permanently.

Massage Therapy For Muscle Cramps

When a cramp is occurring, gentle massage and stretching can restore blood flow and help the muscle to relax by releasing knots and improving flexibility.

Massage Therapy For Lower Back Pain

Massage can reduce tightness in the muscles of the hips, legs, shoulders and neck—all of which can contribute to stress on the lower back area. Once the muscles begin to relax, the surrounding tissues and skeletal structures may begin to naturally move back to their natural state and facilitate proper healing.

Massage Therapy For Joint Pain

Regardless of the cause behind joint pain, massage therapy can usually help reduce inflammation, stiffness and pain. Massage therapy techniques help alleviate the stress on the joints, flush out metabolic waste and restore blood flow, aiding the body’s own healing efforts.

Massage Therapy For Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS)

Myofascial release is an effective treatment for ITBS, commonly known as runner’s knee. Combined with proper stretching techniques, it helps relax the IT band and surrounding muscles. Soft tissue and friction massage can also improve blood flow to the area to speed healing.

Massage Therapy For Stiff Necks

Massage therapy loosens tight muscles caused by stress or injury. This restores blood flow to the muscle tissue to promote healing. As muscles begin to relax, the surrounding tissues and skeletal structures gradually move back to their natural alignment.


Muscle Energy Technique (MET) is often used for the treatment of sciatica. It helps lengthen shortened or spastic muscles, thereby improving weakened ligaments and building the muscle strength necessary to relieve pressure on the sciatic nerve.

Massage and Stretch Therapy for Active Men and Women

Whether you’re a casual jogger, a pro athlete or anything in between, massage and stretch therapy can help protect your body from injury, improve your performance and speed your recovery from workouts and injuries. Below are just some of the ways our therapies benefit athletes in different arenas.


Body Builders

Weight lifting puts a tremendous amount of stress on your entire body structure. With targeted massage therapy, your body will recover quicker and be less susceptible to injury.

Massage For Runners

An after-run massage helps your muscles recover from the workout, but pre-run massages can also be beneficial in loosening muscles and preventing injury. Massage is especially beneficial in speeding recovery from ITBS, plantar fasciitis and hamstring injuries.


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Tennis Players

The repetitive motions and quick pivots in action on the tennis court create specific stress points in the player’s body. Massage therapy and taping techniques can help prevent injury, and heal joints and muscle groups that take a beating on the court.

Massage For Golfers

Like tennis players, a golfer’s repetitive swing action can develop areas of muscle tightness and painful joints that can inhibit your game. Massage therapy helps golfers maintain their best swing.


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Hockey Players

Michigan is a big hockey state. Kids hit the ice and keep skating into adulthood. Coaches and parents are teaching players not to take their bodies for granted, to utilize the benefits that massage therapy can bring to their fitness level.


Bicyclists often require as much endurance as marathon runners. Massage therapy helps remove the toxins that build up in their muscles and keep them fit for the challenge.

Soccer Players

As soccer grows in popularity in the U.S., so do the injuries experienced by its players. Massage and stretch therapy can help prevent many of these injuries and support quicker healing when injuries do occur.

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