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Massage Clinic Staff Jeff


President and Founder - Performance & Recovery Therapist

  • Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist Level 3 Medical
  • RockTape Performance

Since founding Tri-Covery Massage & Flexibility in 2010, Jeff Kong has become well-known for his work in helping the recovery from athletic training and injuries.  He is known in the area as an expert in sports massage, pain relief and detecting the roots of what may be causing the issues.  Plain and simple…  he’s really good at fixing bodies.

After studying Exercise Science at Oakland University he attended Irene’s Myomassology Institute.  He then began over a decade of experience becoming one of the most respected personal trainers and massage therapists in the area specializing in movement analysis, post-rehab training and athletic performance.  Along with extensive experience in gait analysis and posture correction.  In 2012, Jeff became one of the first in the state of Michigan to be certified in Fascial Stretch Therapy – a form of stretching that has become very popular and effective with world class athletes and professionals.  Today, Tri-Covery has one of the highest number of certified Fascial Stretch Therapists in the world under one roof.

Jeff Is known as a therapist who can deliver results using 3-techniques for recovery 1) Massage 2) Flexibility 3) Exercise, hence the name, Tri-Covery!  Jeff is a licensed massage therapist, certified Fascial Stretch Therapist (Levels 1, 2, & 3), and has a background in athletic performance and post-rehab personal training, NeuroKinetic Therapy and is a Certified ROCKtape in FMT Performance (Fascial Movement Taping). His team looks to him as a mentor both professionally and personally.

Massage Clinic Staff Steve


Performance Recovery Therapist

  • Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist Level 3 Medical
  • Titleist Performance Institute Certified
  • RockTape/RockPod Certified

Steve joined Tri-Covery in 2011 and has steadily grown a very loyal and ever expanding book of clients.  

Steve started his working career as an automotive mechanic, but eventually sought a change. Having been involved in sports since he was young, he knew working with athletes in some way was what he really wanted to do.  That’s when he discovered Massage Therapy. He completed the program at Irene’s Myomassology Institute in Southfield, MI and worked in various places, until he found the perfect fit with Jeff and Tri-Covery.  He is a key leader for the team at Tri-Covery. 

Steve is very skilled in all areas of massage and stretch with multiple certifications but he believes the work he does for the neck is his biggest strength!

Steve believes in working hard for his clients because he gets a great deal of satisfaction when he is able to help someone become pain free or increase their ability level.

Massage Clinic Staff Brian



Performance Recovery Therapist

  • Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist Level 3 Medical
  • Training and Development Coordinator
  • RockTape Performance Certified

Brian moved from his warm home in New Mexico to the brutal winters of Michigan in December of 2013. Having just graduated from the Massage Therapy Institute in Las Cruces, New Mexico, Brian was willing to brave the snow and cold for an opportunity to become a part of the talented team at Tri-Covery. Brian continues grow in knowledge and experience under Jeff Kong’s mentorship. He is continually adding to his training and certifications in order to give his clients the best there is to offer in massage and flexibility therapy.

A Multitude Of Massage Techniques

Trigger point therapy, myofascial release and sports massage are some of the key techniques that Brian specializes in. Have you ever felt like you had a “knot” in an area of muscle? That’s what we call a trigger point. Brian is great at locating those painful spots and bringing relief. Trigger point therapy is complementary to myofascial release therapy. Both techniques release tension in the muscle fascia, offering relief from pain and stiffness. Brian is a great communicator and is always happy to explain the why and how behind his massage techniques. He believes that the more clients understand about their own bodies and how they work, the more they can benefit from massage therapy.

When Brian isn’t on the job, he works at staying fit and enjoying time with his wife. He enjoys hiking during warm weather and rock climbing back in New Mexico. He says he loves the snow in Michigan, but even after three years, hasn’t learned to appreciate the deep freeze we call winter. Schedule an appointment with Brian and get to know him for yourself. He’ll be happy to help you keep your body flexible and ready for action.

Massage Clinic Staff Allen


Performance Recovery Therapist

  • Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist Level 1
  • RockTape Performance - Scraping & Cupping
  • Deep Tissue Massage Certified

Allen is from Detroit and joined the Tri-Covery Team in 2019. He received his massage training from Irene’s Myomassology Institute in Southfield, Michigan. Allen is certified in Massage Therapy, Fascial Stretch Therapy, and Deep Tissue Massage. He has 14 years of experience as a Massage Therapist in different settings, including serving as the Massage Therapist for the 2008 US Olympic Tae Kwon Do team.

Allen also has a background in martial arts growing up, and spends much of his free time weightlifting and bodybuilding. He also likes to serve as a personal trainer for weightlifters. While this may seem intimidating in a massage therapist, Allen has a sure and gentle hand when applying his skills and experience to his clients.

In fact, he credits his knowledge of a number of modalities with giving him a unique style of massage that blends many techniques. Just as no two people will have the same exact needs for massage, no treatments are exactly the same. Allen’s massage treatments are individualized to meet the exact needs and problems of his clients.

Allen shared that he sees massage as a proponent for relieving physical and emotional stress. “I strongly believe in massage as a viable and effective modality for enhancing the overall health and well-being of my clients.” His many years as a successful massage therapist are a testament to that belief and how it has impacted so many clients.

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Massage Clinic Staff Rachel


Performance & Recovery Therapist

    • Licensed Massage Therapist
Rachel joins Tri-Covery after having graduated from Douglas J Aveda Massage School in Ann Arbor.  Rachel has a passion for sports, having played 4 sports in high school and volleyball in college.  In addition to playing she has worked with athletes from Junior College to Professionals in a wide variety of sports.  Rachel has a wealth of knowledge from her upbringing to personal injuries along with all the education.  She is eager to work with, learn and grow with us and our clientele.  We are very excited to have Rachel apart of the team!
Massage Clinic Staff Shannon


Performance Recovery Therapist

  • Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Certified Personal Trainer

Shannon Murray, Licensed Massage Therapist, has been practicing bodywork for over 9 years with the focus of rehabilitation and wellness. Shannon was first introduced to Massage Therapy after graduation from Oakland University with a bachelor’s in health science and a minor in exercise science with the passion to pursue Physical Therapy. As a division 1 Track athlete for Oakland, she was no stranger to injury prevention in order to stay healthy and competitive during the season.

By becoming a Physical Therapy technician and personal trainer, she was able to get first-hand experience on recovery for daily activities, not just high- level athletes. It was then that she decided to look into a similar career path and learn how massage can be used as an alternative therapy. From there she made her way to Beaumont Hospital where she expanded her knowledge in post-surgical, pediatric care and oncology massage. Shannon has extensive knowledge working with medical diagnoses, such as multiple sclerosis and diabetic neuropathy and everyday issues ranging from headaches to plantar fasciitis.

Massage Clinic Staff Kiara


    Performance & Recovery Therapist

  • Licensed Massage Therapist 
  • Bachelor of Science in Health Science concentration of Exercise Science from Oakland University


 Kiara comes to Tri-Covery after graduating from the prestigious Irene's Myomassology Institute in the Fall of 2021.  Prior to that, Kiara studied exercise science at Oakland University as well as

 working as a personal trainer at local gyms and working in a physical therapy clinic as a technician. 

 Kiara grew up playing sports (Basketball, Dance, Karate) and always has a passion for science and human motion analysis, energy and its correlation to exercise.   Then as she went through   schooling her interest moved into wanting to know how to fix the body and make it last so she enrolled in Irene's with wanting to focus on sports massage.  Kiara believes we are our greatest     healers to our own bodies with the assistance, knowledge and time for change.  


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Massage Clinic Staff Ed


Performance Recovery Therapist

  • Licensed Massage Therapist
    • Techniques:
      • Myofascial Release, Proprioceptive Neuro Muscular Facilitation, Active Release
      • Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Trigger Point, Cross Fiber Friction
      • Reiki and Energy Realignment

Ed joins Tri-Covery with a wealth of experience working on Professional Athletes in Football, Baseball, Hockey and Golf as well as Track and Field, Marathon Runners and Tri-Athletes in high school as well as professional.  In addition Ed has extensive experience working with clients recovering from hip replacements, knee replacements/surgeries, shoulder surgeries (as well as frozen shoulder), carpal tunnel and people having suffered from car accidents, Parkinson's disease or Cerebral Palsy.

Ed has studied the human body and biomechanics all over the world and for much of his adult life.  He graduated from the Scottsdale School of Massage Therapy in the 1990s and has worked in many different settings including gyms, chiropractors, naturopathic offices, baseball spring training facilities, professional team hotels, Daytona motor races to mention a few.

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Massage Clinic Staff NormaTec


Leg Compression, Hip Compression, Arm Compression


How Does NormaTec Compression Work?

NormaTec uses patent PULSE Massage Pattern which uses 3 techniques.

  1. Pulsing
  2. Distal release
  3. Gradients

Instead of squeezing the legs to transport fluid out, NormaTec uses a pulsing mechanism which mimics the naturally occuring muscle pump within our body.


lymphatic vessels have one-way valves that prevent fluid backflow. The pulse technology uses hold pressures to keep everything flowing in the right direction and prevent backflow.

This feature also enables maximum pressure in each zone over the legs.

Distal Release

Static pressure can have a negative effect to circulatory flow if it is maintained for too long. NormaTec uses 'Sequential Pulse Technology' which releases hold pressures once they are no longer needed to the backflow.

This ensures that each portion of the limb gains maximal rest time between compression cycles.

NormaTec compression therapy is clinically proven by a range of research studies. Research has revealed that NormaTec aids to:

  • Lessen pain sensitivity. Therefore accelerating recovery by reducing muscle soreness from pressure stimuli
  • Treat DOMS. A 30min session in the NormaTec compression boots increases blood flow possibility making it a viable management of DOMS
  • Clear metabolites Passively. NormaTec compression significantly lower blood lactate levels
  • Gene Expression in Muscle Tissue. NormaTec upgregulates rps^ and downregulates Stat1. This may assist with a positive adaptive response to exercise
  • Upgregulates PGC-1a and eNOS. A 60min session has been proven to achieve this with biopsy samples
  • Improve Endothelial Function. A single session imrpoves conduit artery endothelial function systematically and improve RH blood flow
  • Decreases Muscle Fatigue After Exercise. Increases Flexibility and skeletal muscle oxidative stress during recovery from heavy resistance training
  • Increased Range of Motion. NormaTec rapidly enhances acute range of motion with less discomfort and time

NormaTec boots are used by a wide variety of people. They are very few contraindications meaning they are right for lots of people for lots of reasons. So what are most common reasons why people use the NormaTec compression boots with us?

  • Pregnant and wish to decrease fluid build up in the legs. This is particularly problematic for ladies in their third trimester
  • Weekend warriors and athletes who have been training hard and have sore legs
  • People who are on their feet all day and have tied / sore legs
  • Those who sit at a desk all day and have fluid build up or poor circulation in their legs
  • Runners, cyclists, swimmers or crossfitters (any body that exercises) who are trying to freshen their legs prior to an event or race
Massage Clinic Staff Garry


Performance Recovery Therapist

  • Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork
  • RockTape Performance
  • Instrument-assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization

Garry Adkins has been a Certified Massage Therapist Instructor since 1994. He has served a wide variety of patients in over 30 years of massage therapy, becoming very familiar with many different treatment modalities.

As a board-certified massage therapist, which is the highest credential within the massage and bodywork profession, Garry specializes in the treatment of elite athletes with injury rehabilitation. He serves and consults with many of the finest athletes and athletic trainers.

Garry is also a member of US Olympic Sports Medicine Society, which means he is regularly consulted on medical training and injury issues concerning Olympic athletes in a number of different sports. Garry is sometimes flown to various locations in order to provide specific treatment to Olympic athletes.

Garry is a member of the Alliance for Massage Therapy Education, International Association of Healthcare Practitioners, American Massage Therapy Association, International Fascial Congress and past president of the Association of Michigan Myomassologists, Inc. Garry is the Massage Therapy Consultant for Vyne Education, seminar instructor for Irene’s Myomassology Institute and the Lakewood School of Therapeutic Massage in Michigan and Educating Hands School of Massage in Florida, a published author, and an international speaker.

Massage Clinic Staff Kevin


     General Manager - Performance & Recovery Therapist

  • Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist Level 3 Medical
  • Certified Massage Therapist
  • Titleist Performance Institute Certified
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist/Personal Trainer
  • Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology & Communication from Michigan State University

Kevin McVay was born and raised in Oakland County, Michigan and now lives in Farmington Hills with his wife and son.  He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his position on the team of General Manager at Tri-Covery.   Having earned degrees in Kinesiology and Communication in addition to being a Certified Personal Trainer for over a decade with specialties in baseball and golf, he brings a unique blend of skills to the team. 

Growing up playing all sports with a focus on baseball (and now golf), being forced to stop playing by injury in college.  Kevin knows first hand the importance of proper training and recovery and all the different things the active person puts there bodies through and what effects that can have without effective treatment.

Contact Kevin at kevin@tri-covery.com or 248.224.4130 with anything Tri-Covery related!

Massage Clinic Administrator Lynn


Performance Recovery Therapist

  • Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist Level 2
  • Titleist Performance Institute Certified
  • RockTape Performance

Lynn joins the team with an extensive medical background as a Nurse Practitioner specializing in Geriatrics and Cardiology.  Born and raised in Iowa, she has been an active golfer since her teens. She added running and CrossFit to her fitness regimen as an adult. It was her active lifestyle that first brought Lynn to Tri-Covery as a client.

Nurse – Golfer – Massage Therapist

Lynn says that it was after her very first appointment at Tri-Covery that she knew this was the career she really wanted for herself. She didn’t hesitate. She enrolled and completed Massage Therapy School at Schoolcraft College and completed her Level 1 FST Certification immediately after. Since then, Lynn has also gained her Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Certification, which greatly enriches her therapeutic approach for clients active on the golf course. She combines this training with her medical knowledge gained as a Nurse Practitioner and her experiences as an athlete to deliver a comprehensive treatment program for her clients.

Client Trust and Confidence

What you will immediately notice when you come into an appointment with Lynn is her calming manner.  She has a sense about her that makes you feel safe and taken care of, perhaps a carryover from her time spent in geriatric nursing. Clients speak of feeling like they were in the hands of a loving mom when in her care. But don’t let that fool you. Lynn won’t coddle you; she’ll challenge you aggressively. Her instincts are spot on, and she is a budding artist at reading the body. She has an intensive knowledge of body systems, clinical experience in healthcare and a wealth of experience as an athlete herself; we are incredibly proud to have her as a member of the Tri-Covery Team.  Schedule an appointment with Lynn for yourself and see what we are talking about!

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