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Event Sponsorship

Athletic Event Sponsorship

The Tri-Covery team believes in providing support for athletes beyond our business locations.  Therefore, Tri-Covery has provided recovery massage and stretch therapy at national, regional and local events of all kinds (ex: golf outings, racing events, weightlifting competitions).  

Typically, our team of therapists provide 5 to 10 minute therapy sessions for athletes competing in the event, 90-120 minutes prior to the event.  We handle everything, so there is no extra work or hassle for event coordinators or volunteers.  We just ask for a convenient location and a minimum of 10x10 space for us to set up our tent and tables.  We are there to serve and add additional benefits to your event.

Scheduling Sports Massage Therapists for your Event

Tri-Covery receives many requests to participate as a sponsor for both competitive and non-profit events. Unfortunately, we cannot accept all invitations offered. If you would be interested in Tri-Covery participation in your event, please contact our COO, Kevin, at with the date, location and other pertinent details of your event. He will check the availability of our team members and give you a prompt response.

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