Event Sponsorship

Athletic Event Sponsorship

The Tri-Covery team believe in providing practical support and encouragement for athletes beyond our three business locations. Tri-Covery has provided recovery massage therapy at national, regional and local events of all kinds. You may have seen our tents set up and our logo on the sponsorship list at events in Michigan or as far away as Florida. Some of the events where the Tri-Covery team has served in the past include:

  • National Volleyball Championship
  • National Strongman Competitions
  • Detroit Free Press Marathon
  • Dexter to Ann Arbor Half Marathon, 10k & 5k
  • Skate America Tour in Detroit
  • The Masters Swimming State Championships
  • F.A.S.T Superbowl Swim Meet
  • The Arnold Classic & The Arnold Sports Festival
  • Meadowbrook Country Club Men’s Golf Invitational
  • Walnut Creek Country Club Women’s Golf Invitational
  • Oakland Hills Country Club Golf Invitational “The Piper”
  • Legacy Football Showcase
  • Triathlons and multi-sport events partnering with EPIC Races
  • Crossfit Competitions, often in partnership with event coordinator, Lex Artis 

Lots of sponsors offer financial donations to get their name or logo seen by participants and attendees to athletic events. Tri-Covery goes a step further and offers our time and expertise to celebrate the efforts of athletes of every level, from amateur to pro.

Add value to your Athletic Event with Tri-Covery Sponsorship

Typically, our team of volunteers provide 5 to 10 minute therapy sessions for athletes competing in the event. We handle everything, so there is no extra work or hassle for event coordinators or volunteers. We just ask for a convenient location for us to set up our tent. We’ll bring our own portable massage tables and handle signup. We are there to serve and add additional benefits to your event.

Scheduling Sports Massage Therapists for your Event

Tri-Covery receives many requests to participate as a sponsor for both competitive and non-profit events. Unfortunately, we cannot accept all invitations offered. If you would be interested in Tri-Covery participation in your event, please contact our events coordinators, Steve and Beverly, with the date, location and other pertinent details of your event. They will check the availability of our team members and give you a prompt response.

All the Tools in the Toolbox

At Tri-Covery we keep learning so we can help in every way possible!

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