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Massage for Runners

Sports Massage & Stretch Therapy for Runners

Benefits of Sports Massage for Runners

Running is one of the most popular pastimes. Running gives the body a great workout, but it can also cause issues with muscles, nerves, and joints. It doesn’t matter if your running is a part of other athletic activities, training for marathons or just basic fitness, running is a big part of life for many people, and runners are a big part of Tri-Covery.

Recovery Massage for Runners & Running Injuries

Performance-Recovery Therapists at Tri-Covery understand how different muscles and joints respond to running activities. Running employs muscles in the arms, legs, and even the spine. Most people would expect running injuries to be in the legs, but the lower back, upper back and the core will sometimes experience the first injuries. When these injuries occur, the Performance and Recovery team at Tri-Covery can help you recover quickly. More importantly, we can help you prevent those same injuries from recurring in the future.

Fascial Stretch Therapy for Runners

One of the unique therapies Tri-Covery offers for runners is Facial Stretch Therapy (FST). FST can help decrease pain and vastly improve circulation, which aids in the healing process. FST can also help increase your range of motion, improving your running performance. 

 Runners can also benefit from these Tri-Covery offerings:

Massage Therapists for Runners

The Performance-Recovery Therapists at Tri-Covery offer more than a “feel good” solution. Running gives muscles a hearty workout. As you start to increase the usage of these muscles, strain and fatigue can set in. When your muscles start to ache or hurt, they also constrict and become tight. With targeted massage therapy and flexibility training, muscles become more relaxed which allows healthy blood flow and release of toxins from the body. Better circulation means healthier muscles. Healthier muscles are stronger and less like to be injured. Tri-Covery would like to partner with you in living an active life that is free from injury. For runners, our services have proven to greatly benefit performance and endurance. When an injury does occur, our highly-trained, certified Recovery Therapists will get you quickly on the road to recovery. Our professionals will make sure that you keep moving! Call today to schedule your appointment.

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