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Massage for Golfers

TPI Certified Golf Massage Therapists

Benefits of Golf Massage

A common misconception about golf is that it doesn’t require much energy or strength. Every avid golfer knows this is entirely untrue. Strong golf performance draws on almost all the muscles in the body. At Tri-Covery, we help golfers recover from injuries, work to prevent injuries and also help them improve their performance by increasing flexibility.

Muscles and the Golf Swing

Every part of the body is affected when you swing that club. Knowing which muscles are most critical to a golf swing requires special training. Kevin, Steve and Lynn are the Tri-Covery golf swing experts. They have Titleist Performance Institute Certifications. They understand how to assess your body mechanics to help your golf game.  Knowing your shoulders support and provide power during the swing, moving from the core and into the club head. They can also teach you how torque is delivered from your core body muscles during your backswing. 

 Your lower back muscles are critical to maintaining the correct posture while making the upswing, and the upper back muscles keep the spine at a right angle during the downswing. Glutes, quadriceps, and hamstrings also play a part to provide flexion, balance and even more power for this movement. This understanding of exactly how your golf game affects each muscle group is what gives the Tri-Covery Performance-Recovery Therapists an edge, when golfers request their services.

Massage Therapists for Golfers

We cater to the individual. Your Performance-Recovery Session will be custom-tailored to your needs as a golfer. The information you provide and how your body speaks to us will determine the program we design for you. Therapies offered at Tri-Covery can provide benefits that can help improve your game and prevent injuries and muscle fatigue in several ways such as:

  • Reducing scar tissue left behind by older injuries
  • Improving flexibility which improves performance
  • Helping prevent tightening of your muscles which can cause injury
  • Increasing oxygen intake for your muscles due to improved blood flow
  • Improving the mechanics of your lymphatic system, which prevents lactic acid buildup

Science-based Fascial Stretch Therapy for Golfers

Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) is sought by professional athletes around the world, including golfers. It is one of the best-known therapies for healing injuries and chronic pain. Although golf is not high-impact, injuries are a common occurrence. Tri-Covery offers pain relief and injury recovery which targets the root of the problem. Golfers can also benefit from Tri-Covery LifeStretch Classes. These classes can help improve range of motion for golfers, which is critical for follow-through on your swing. Whether it’s recovery from injuries, improving performance or simply to maintain a healthy body for the sport, golfers can benefit from every visit to Tri-Covery.

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