How to Stretch Videos

At Home Stretches

Shoulder Sleeper Stretch

Ground stretch for the rotator cuff or frozen shoulder.  Do not force this move, progress slowly!

Standing Gluteus Medius Stretch

Dynamic Stretch of the Gluteus Medius in a standing position.  Also works on balance of opposite leg!

Dynamic Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch

Active stretch of the psoas and front area of hip along with the obliques of the core.


Thoracic Spine Chair Stretch

Great stretch for anyone that has to work at a desk, also an athlete that throws or swings this feels amazing!

Graston Technique

The most popular and known IASTM method

PNF Slow Release Technique

(PNF - Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation). Very effective in getting the intended muscle to "relax and release"

Graston with muscle activation

Using the Graston tools while having the muscle actively contract and relax

Cupping Therapy

A suction type therapy while actively stretching the surrounding areas

Theragun & Cupping

How to use a percussive gun with suction cups attached


Scapular Retraction

Strengthening exercise for the upper back/back of the shoulders. 

Band High Reverse Pull

Exercise to strengthen upper back and help with bad posture

Superman (Back Hyperextension)

For everyday desk workers, being "hunched" over a computer, really puts a massive strain on the upper thoracic and neck area. It creates rounded shoulder that leads to a lot of pain. Loosening this area then some regular strength exercises with help the pain tremendously!

Stork Turn

Balancing and core exercise for rotational sports

T-Pushup with Rotation

Upper body and core exercise

Lying Pelvic Tilt

Lower core strengthening and stabilizing exercise

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