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Sleeper Stretch

By Kevin
At Home Stretches

Sleeper Stretch

The key to this unique stretch used by our therapists at Tri-Covery is called strain-counter strain.

Which means, go to a position that causes minor discomfort and hold it for thirty seconds, then release.

The next time you go into the position of minor discomfort it has changed and you should be able to push a little further before you find the discomfort again.

Doing this a few times will not only improve range of motion, but it will also release adhesions and the reformation of scar tissue.

Lying on your side with your knees bent. The arm that is close to the ground is extended out straight, with your body weight directly stacked over the shoulder. If this position is uncomfortable, leaning your body weight backwards or behind the shoulder joint is possible. Eventually try to stack your body weight directly over your shoulder joint over time. With the lower arm bend the elbow at 90 degrees. Place the opposite hand at the wrist of the bent arm, not on the back of the hand. Gently push down on the wrist until you feel minor discomfort or tightness.

Hold this position for thirty seconds. Release and bring the bent arm back to a full resting position.

Again, position the opposite hand on the wrist and push down to find the tightness is a little further before you find the discomfort again, repeat three to four times daily each shoulder, especially if there are any shoulder issues present.

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