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Gluteus Medius

By Kevin
At Home Stretches

Besides leveling your hips, the gluteus medius has an important job in biomechanics, stability, and balance.  When you walk and run it aids in stabilizing your pelvis and hip in particular when you perform activities where you balance on a single leg.

If the gluteus medius is weak, it can cause the hip that is not part of the standing leg to drop, and this can cause an abnormal gait and more pressure on one side of your spine. It is important to work on exercises specifically designed to keep the gluteus medius strong and healthy.

The stability it provides for the hip may be important in controlling excessive movement and allowing adequate reduction of forces throughout the lower back region. Gluteus Medius is key for great balance and glute awareness which most of us can improve upon. 

The Standing Gluteus Medius stretch will allow you better lateral hip stability and is one of the best movements to isolate this underappreciated muscle group.

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