Performance Recovery Therapist

  • Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork
  • RockTape Performance
  • Instrument-assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization

Garry Adkins has been a Certified Massage Therapist Instructor since 1994. He has served a wide variety of patients in over 30 years of massage therapy, becoming very familiar with many different treatment modalities.

As a board-certified massage therapist, which is the highest credential within the massage and bodywork profession, Garry specializes in the treatment of elite athletes with injury rehabilitation. He serves and consults with many of the finest athletes and athletic trainers.

Garry is also a member of US Olympic Sports Medicine Society, which means he is regularly consulted on medical training and injury issues concerning Olympic athletes in a number of different sports. Garry is sometimes flown to various locations in order to provide specific treatment to Olympic athletes.

Garry is a member of the Alliance for Massage Therapy Education, International Association of Healthcare Practitioners, American Massage Therapy Association, International Fascial Congress and past president of the Association of Michigan Myomassologists, Inc. Garry is the Massage Therapy Consultant for Vyne Education, seminar instructor for Irene’s Myomassology Institute and the Lakewood School of Therapeutic Massage in Michigan and Educating Hands School of Massage in Florida, a published author, and an international speaker.

5 Star Rating


Garry Adkins is a next-level professional! An acquaintance recommended him to me because I was suffering migraines from a dance injury. I almost had to change careers because of it. I’ve been to several different therapists unable to find relief and I’m not exaggerating when I say I have not had even a slight even twinge of a headache since he worked on me. My first time being headache-free in 5 years since the injury. Words truly can’t describe my gratitude for the improvement in my life! I highly, highly recommend him. Thank-you so much Garry.

Paige M.

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