Testimonials - Shannon Murray

5 Stars

Arturo S.

I hurt my shoulder while working out and finally had to call Tri-Covery for an appointment. So glad I did, Shannon was perfect not only did she minimize the discomfort but showed me exercises to do at home to help with my recovery.

5 Stars

Cheryl D.

Shannon was phenomenal! Very educated and explained everything. Will definitely be going back

5 Stars

Sarah M.

I've been coming here since 2016 and Jeff, Brian, Jon, and Garry have been excellent and probably saved me from hours in PT. I recently had a CBD massage session with Shannon and she was also excellent with her knowledge of my issues , which was mainly overworked arms and hands from computer use and tight/back neck and TMJ-Shannon knew exactly how to address the issues and gave me some great tips and stretches to go home with, I could never survive without this place!

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