Testimonials - Allen Holsey

5 Stars

Sandy Eyl

Allen & Brian are great! I love the day I get to go to Tri-Covert for massage and stretch. It's the only thing that helped my back a few years ago. And a tune up is always welcome!

5 Stars

Michael K.

One of the best massages I've ever received! Highly recommend. I will be returning! This is going to become a fixture in my training and recovery schedule.

5 Stars

Steven S.

Great atmosphere, very professional, Allen was amazing with his technique and worked on exactly what I needed.

5 Stars

Sarkis K.

Thank God I stumbled across this business which happens to be in my back yard here in Novi. The facility was very clean and the staff were welcoming and vibrant. I recently had a session with Allen and can't express how grateful I am with my experience. Leading up to my appointment, it was very difficult for me to sleep due to the pain in my left shoulder. I've played hockey for over 12+ years and had 100s of massages and stretch sessions; this experience was by far the most relief I've had in years. Allen was very knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. I look forward on continuing my treatment with him. 10/10!

5 Stars

Steven K.

Tri-Covery is the place to go for improved flexibility and reduced muscle soreness! Allen was very friendly and professional, and was able to greatly improve my range of motion as well as decrease my soreness. I highly recommend making an appointment with him or any of the other awesome professionals at Tri-Covery!

5 Stars

Becky S.

This place is amazing. I've been looking for a massage therapist for over a year who is familiar with weightlifting, sports performance and can help with very specific training goals. After finding Tri-covery and reading the bio's I booked with Allen, and I could not be happier. Not only is Allen highly skilled as a massage therapist, but he has a deep understanding of sports specific training and the stress it places on your body. I came out of my first appointment with increased mobility, decreased soreness, and an abundance of energy that had been missing for awhile. Do yourself a favor right now and book with Allen, or another gifted therapist that tri-covery seems to have in abundance!

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