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Manual Lymph Drainage

Boosting immunity and reducing unwanted fluid retention

What is Manual Lymph Drainage

Focusing on the lymph system and its many benefits, we know functions as our bodies' built-in detoxifying center, which helps to remove toxins, and decrease the accumulation of fat buildup.

Tri-covery therapists are trained in manual lymph drainage specializing in pre- and post-operative, and excessive swelling.  

Techniques we use to jumpstart the drainage process like gentle massage and dry brushing have been shown to offer a list of impressive health and beauty benefits as well.

From boosting immunity (the lymph system is a part of the immune system), reducing unwanted fluid retention and bloating, improving energy levels, combating inflammation, and even reducing cellulite.

Whether your interested in the health or cosmetic benefits or both it is time to get your name on the schedule.

Benefits of Manual Lymph Drainage

  • A well-functioning lymphatic system is essential for a healthy human body. It drains the tissue fluid from around our cells and returns it to the vascular system for redistribution.
  • The better lymph fluid flows it protects us from illness and helps us to recover faster.
  • Lymphatic drainage improves the circulation of lymph in the subcutaneous tissue of the face.
  • This massage helps to reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness below the eyes by de-congesting tissues and draining edema.
  • Help With Pain Reduction and Bruising:
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