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Kevin McVay

Kevin McVay, Stretch & Sports Massage Therapist

CFST3 – Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist, Level 3 Medical
TPIC – Titleist Performance Institute Certified
CSCS – Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist®
CPT – Certified Personal Trainer

Kevin McVay brings a wealth of experience to his position on the team of Tri-Covery. As a Certified Personal Trainer for over a decade, he has seen firsthand how injuries can put a person’s life on hold, both on the athletic field and off.

“As a personal trainer, I often saw my clients develop injuries. I wanted to help, but knew I needed more tools to assist my clients in recovering from and preventing injuries.”

Kevin’s greatest motivator is his desire to help people. He has continually added resources and skills to his tool belt to better serve his clients, most recently – FST and massage therapy certifications.

A Functional Approach to Massage and Flexibility

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a hockey mom, a weekend golfer or collegiate athlete, you depend on the full performance of your body to carry you through each day’s routine. It’s all about keeping every part of your body functioning at its best. Kevin uses massage and Fascial Stretch Therapy to bring your body to its top level of performance, which helps prevent injury and releases the natural healing properties of your body when injury does occur.

Michigan Native

Kevin was born and raised right here in Michigan, growing up with five siblings to keep him on his toes. He studied Kinesiology and Exercise Science at Michigan State University prior to starting his career as a personal trainer.

Kevin readily admits that his participation in sports is less focused on competition and more about enjoying the camaraderie and physical activity it provides. In his off-time, you’ll find Kevin on the golf course, a basketball court or enjoying the company of his lovely wife. He also includes running in his regular fitness routine.

Join the kickboxers, softball players, daily runners and others who depend on Kevin to keep their muscles limber and recovery time from injuries at a minimum.