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Chris Harris

Chris Harris, Sports Massage & Stretch Therapist

LMT – Licensed Massage Therapist
CFST3 – Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist, Level 3 
FMT2 – Fascial Movement Tape – RockTape Performance
CLSI – Certified LifeStretch Instructor

Sports have always been a part of Chris’ life, starting out with basketball, swimming, football and tennis as a kid. He also served as a coach to football teams for several years as an adult, leading teams to three national championships. Chris is another graduate of Irene’s Myomassology Institute and joined the Tri-Covery staff in 2013. Chris wouldn’t say that he specializes in one particular area, but clients with knee and shoulder issues are frequently under his care.

Chris’ clients know they can expect to get “homework” assignments from Chris, but the home exercise programs that Chris assigns to clients are each individualized. “The recovery process is unique for each individual,” Chris explains. “Even if two people have the same injury, I don’t recommend the same program for both of them. I take into account the difference in body build, activity level and other factors to create an exercise program that is customized to their needs.”

Chris has a wide variety of interests in addition to physical fitness. When it comes to personal competition, Chris’ passion is found at the bowling lanes. If not at the bowling alley, Chris enjoys spending time with his wife and kids at home, on spontaneous road trips or at the lake. He loves the thrill of jumping on a jet ski and flying across the waves, as well as family time swimming with his kids. Chris is also active in his faith community.

Of all his varied interests and activities, the one thing many clients are surprised to learn is that Chris has also worked as a DJ during the last six years. He is definitely a multi-talented man, but when you are on his table, his only focus will be you and what your body needs.

Bowler’s shoulder? Football knee injury? Chris knows how to help.