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Becky Wilson

Becky Wilson, Michigan Massage Therapist

LMT – Licensed Massage Therapist
CFST3 – Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist, Level 3 Medical
CFMC – CrossFit Mobility Certified
CLSI – Certified LifeStretch Instructor

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Becky has always been active. Her background in swimming and dance mesh well with her love of CrossFit and weightlifting. In addition to her massage and flexibility credentials, Becky also is a Licensed Practical Nurse.  She loves nothing more than combining her varied, yet related, training and experience to help clients address nagging injuries. 

Injury Prevention and Healing

While you bust your butt to reach your goals, Becky is here to help you heal from and prevent injuries. As a weightlifter, she is quite aware of the risk of injury in that sport and the necessity of complete healing when an injury does occur. In addition to her other certifications, Becky is a Certified LifeStretch Instructor. This unique flexibility training yields faster gains in mobility without risk of pain or the danger of improper stretch techniques. She is always excited to share the benefits of the LifeStretch techniques.

“The body talks to us; we just need to be better listeners,” according to Becky. We like to think Becky has the best ears in town and are sure you will benefit from them. 

Michigan CrossFit Mobility Therapist

Becky started CrossFit, and even did a triathlon, just to better understand the rigors Tri-Covery clients put themselves through. Talk about dedication!  She believes in your ability to meet your goals and will cheer you on, while using her expertise to help prevent injury, improve your performance and increase flexibility. Whether you are a hardcore CrossFitter, a triathlete, a bodybuilder or just working hard to lose weight, Becky will work alongside you to keep you motivated and moving forward. 

If you’ve got an injury, an ongoing ache or pain from repetitive exercise nobody else has been able to fix, Becky would love an opportunity to help you feel better. Even more important, see Becky for flexibility therapy before an injury occurs. Prevention of injury is always the better option.