Testimonials - Garry Adkins

5 Stars

Garrett R.

Have been seeing Garry for months and have had amazing results. Couldn’t recommend their services enough have recommended them to all my friends

5 Stars

Tariq R.

If you're having coordination/balance issues see Gary!

5 Stars

Paige M.

Garry Adkins is a next-level professional! An acquaintance recommended him to me because I was suffering migraines from a dance injury. I almost had to change careers because of it. I’ve been to several different therapists unable to find relief and I’m not exaggerating when I say I have not had even a slight even twinge of a headache since he worked on me. My first time being headache-free in 5 years since the injury. Words truly can’t describe my gratitude for the improvement in my life! I highly, highly recommend him. Thank-you so much Garry.

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