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Scapular Retraction

By Kevin

Scapular Retraction

This is a strengthening movement for the scapular (shoulder blade) and the back of the shoulder.

If you have pain with the shoulder joint in the back or a restriction in the front of the shoulder, this is an excellent exercise for improved posture and upper back strength.

The subscapularis muscle plays an important role in providing front shoulder joint stability, and ability to rotate the arm. It balances the end of the upper arm into the shoulder joint during functional movements of the arm/shoulder and assists the other rotator cuff muscles.

Dysfunction in this muscle may lead to lack of stability of the upper arm that may be a precursor to the more serious shoulder impingements and range of motion issues. It is imperative to keep these muscles strong, especially for athletes who participate in overhead activities. Using an exceptionally light weight of one to two pounds to start, then gradually increase the weight as you feel comfortable.

First position is face down on the floor, holding the weight to the side and above your head. Second position is to pull your scapula in toward the spine, and then lift the weight as high as you can and hold for a count of three then return to the first position extending back out.

Repeat up to ten times, each arm for 2 to 3 sets.

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